Over the course of 6 months, we worked on increasing engagement on Unikrn's website. We prepared prioritized roadmap and revamped the UI to increase user trust, confidence and make the website more usable overall.


Increasing engagement for eSports betting website!



Team project with Nikita Redij

Project Aspects

Product Management Lifecycle, UX Design, Testing, Documentation

My Role

Project Manager and Team Lead

Contributed to all aspects of the project


Jan - June 2015 (6 months)

The Goal

Our sponsor Unikrn provides a platform for eSports enthusiasts to gather insights, play and bet on popular games like League of Legends, Counter-Strike and more.

Our market research suggests that users have difficulty comprehending how eSports betting works and tend to bounce off their website. To address this problem, we made it our mission to redesign Unikrn’s web experience.

Through extensive user interviews, competitive analysis and user stories, we designed new interactive UI and workflow that delight users and help make informed betting decisions.

Our tests have shown higher engagement rates with the new UX. Once implemented, the new UI will be more user-friendly and trustworthy; targeting an audience of 600K users who will together wager around $85M in 2016.


  1. Project Report
  2. Project Poster
  3. Project Promo Video (on the left)

Along with above project deliverables, we also presented the project to our sponsors and would soon be publishing complete project report.


We used User Centered Design and LEAN Startup book's techniques to design the optimal solution for this problem. Our UX design process guideline is available here.

The entire project's process is captured in the above attached report. I am working on refining the above report and will soon update the final version here.

Stay tuned for more updates on this page..!!


Final Thoughts

I had no idea that the eSports industry is going to be this huge market opportunity. I have understood the nuances of starting a company and developing products for markets that do not exist today. I am confident that I can now work my way through minimal data to make informed and calculated decisions.