In a 6 month long project, back in 2013, I worked on developing 360Copé -an inventory management platform for hospitals managing aprons. As a Technical Project Manager/ Front-end developer on the project, I was responsible for  designing the product and managing the project management.


A web app to manage inventory smartly

Dashboard feature is far beyond our expectations. This I what I would call frugal innovation.
— Dhaval Shah (Client)



Project Aspects

Business Intelligence, Web Development, Project Management, Front-end implementation

My Role

Requirement Gathering, Ideation, Front-end Web Development, Project Management

Gathered the requirements from client to design a solution and managed project implementation including deployment


Dec 2013 - May 2014 (22 weeks)

Project Goal

The hospital administrators had an archaic procedure for inventory tracking and ordering replacements. Not only were they under resourced, they were ill-managed. My client asked for development of a web portal that tracks all inventory. This would be used by hospital administrators and managers to take resourcing decisions. 


Deployed the codebase onto client's server and provided support for over a year from deployment.

  1. Web application marketing landing page available here.
  2. Inventory Management System deployed to initial client Kiran XRay

Project Information

It was a Learn-As-You-Go! project. I developed specifications, gantt charts, implemented front-end and deployed the final codebase to client's server. Process sharing is prohibited under the NDA.

This application has features like:

  1. Apron/ inventory tracking
  2. Apron/ inventory inspection
  3. Auto-email notification functionality for higher management
  4. Inventory maintenance and fulfillment automation
  5. Smart dashboard providing bird's-eye view of the inventory
  6. Report generation in multiple formats (including .csv, .pdf, .jpg)
  7. Support for USB barcode scanner for input

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Final Thoughts

This project made me realize the potential of reusable code and modularization of solution. It helped the project to move faster after it was broken into modules and project development was performed incrementally.

The deployment of the project required for me to gain DevOps skills. All-in-all quite a rewarding experience!